BPN Supplements Case Study

Introduction and strategy

Workout Supplements – Converting people to your brand
Finding an advantage in a sea of similar competitors

$0 to a $222,739 ad spend a year with 5+ return on ad spend (ROAS)
Target: Generate new clients with Over 1 ROAS in Prospecting

Tech Issue Solution:
Proving every dollar of revenue is next to impossible but a strong percentage of it can be tracked down.

In this case the client had a welcome pop up giving 10% off for new customers if they signed up to their email list.
Sounds familiar? Yea, most companies use them but are not aware of how it can scew your tracking.

Simply, when someone signs up to the email list the revenue will be attributed to email and not the source of the 1st click – sign up.
In our digital ads, we started tracking as custom conversions the number of sign-ups to give us a more realistic understanding of the revenue our ads were bringing in.
Through that, we realized that a pop-up like that will eat up a huge percentage of your prospecting, and it’s reasonable to expect everyone to take the discount when offered. 

This new attribution system allowed us to scale prospecting ads and the new customer pool of the customer much more aggressively, giving us an advantage.

Strategy Solution: When advertising a product that is fairly similar to other products on the market you can compete on a specific benefit or on the price.
But if you have a unique product the world is yours for the taking.
An additional unique product that helped the users to gain better absorption of the nutrients helped them stand out in the market.

The second step was offering big discounts for bundles containing that product and offering free shipping.

In most cases people bough boundles for the price and convenience.
But this gave the customers products a chance to shine and show their superior quality and taste.

Most people continued buying more then 1 product after this first small product gave them a good experience. 

Ad Solution: They had a strong unique brand with a background story. Their content was abundant in humor so we used the same content to make ads.

Their customers loved every second of it and some ads even went semi-viral!

The result was incredibly low CPMs, good content pays off! Every strong brand should be running at least a minimum of Google advertising.

In this brands case their competition was bidding on their brand keywords and stealing customers away.

Besides protecting the brand we launched youtube and shopping ads to generate new customers.

Our success

There results were shockingly good in less then a month google reported a 100k revenue with 10x return on ad spend