916 Percent Growth In Ad-spend; 41 Percent Decrease In CPA


Our client owns a platform where the world-famous professionals share their insights to educate a new generation of professionals.


At the beginning of our partnership, we mainly focused on the UK market, their #1 target, but after the initial 2 weeks of testing, we saw an opportunity to expand to other English-speaking countries. Soon after, we decided to start advertising in non-English speaking countries across Europe.


At this point, we were in our third week of testing and have already hit certain milestones when it comes to testing different countries. Our next plan of action was to dive deeper and start testing specific courses our client offered in specific countries and see how they compare.

The Seasonality And How To Battle It

The biggest challenge we ran into had to do with seasonality.

In downtimes, we had to constantly shuffle different content in our ads and rethink our approach often enough to keep the conversions coming in.

However, the highs made up (and exceeded) the lows substantially.

The biggest opportunity we seized was during the Black Friday promotion where we had a very attractive offer and made the most of it…

The Result

The first round of results was in quickly! Our client saw an 1642% increase in a number of new subscribers in the first 60 days together. We managed to up the ad spend by 916%  and bring the CPA down by  41%.

Testing different markets may just be the key to finding a scalable solution for your business.

You have to be smart with testing though, base your assumptions on data, be agile with angles used in ads, and be prepared that different things will work in different locations.

If this sounds like too much work (and it is), you need to get in touch with our team. We will take a deep dive into your business and ad accounts and will come up with suggestions backed by data which products, offers, and locations to test next and grow like our client did.