How lack of proper campaign structure caused massive profit bleeds

My intent - Kanye can get you up but he can’t keep you there

Introduction and strategy

For this project we were called in after the company had a big boom in sales.
The sales were mainly caused after Kanye wore their product on the cover of times magazine making it an instant hit. 

After that, almost every campaign was a success, but as we all know the hype doesn’t last for ever.

At an adspend above $200 000 per month even a slight drop in ROAS can cause huge losses. Which was exactly what happened right after new years when the shopping frenzy stopped.

TRS Stage 2 – Ad layering & account structuring protocols helped us support their whole sales funnel with ads which was previously lacking.

The small pockets of people not being remarketed at all and most of them not properly caused small losses that added up everywhere.

When the fixes were implemented almost momentarily the account stabilized and started making profits again! This took us 2-3 weeks since we started working on the account