90 Percent Higher Revenue In Just 2 Months: A niche clothing brand story


This urban clothing/lifestyle brand is rather niched down & closely tied to one of the most famous brands in the music world.

This means that the audience is somewhat narrow since they have to love or at least know about this brand, however, our client needed our help to scale their paid marketing efforts which meant reaching all possible audiences.

The client saw the potential in Digital Rocket since we offered an array of services that work well with each other – Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads), Google Ads, YouTube Ads, copywriting, creative, and CRO consulting.


This DR client experienced exponential growth after just 2 short months that steadily continued throughout Q4 and beyond.

The Story

Roland Lifestyle celebrates the world-famous Roland brand of instruments and offers lifestyle products that DJs, electronic musicians, and music devotees will appreciate. Nathan who fronted the brand along with his team worked very closely with our media buyers, managers, CRO expert, and the creative team to make their business more scalable.

The Challenge

There were a lot of challenges we had to overcome in order for our efforts to pay off. We had to stay profitable on the marketing frontlines, achieve 2-3 returns MINIMUM, grow the customer base in a niche market, retain the existing customers, and increase the AOV and conversion rates…

All of this in the aftermath of the iOS14.5+ update that disrupted the marketing landscape.

Why They Chose Digital Rocket

Nathan was referred to Ivan, our CEO, by another client of ours, and they started talking about the brand vision and the role of digital marketing in its growth.

How We Responded

The first thing we had to do is reconfigure the ad account and tailor it to Digital Rocket standards.

This meant that we had to clearly separate prospecting from remarketing traffic so we could first learn how much it costs us to acquire a new customer so we could do it more profitably. Then we got to testing.

While this was happening, we worked closely with our client on optimizing the website conversion rate.

The Result

We used a great opportunity to scale in August and our client saw a 90% jump in revenue in just 2 months of working with us!

The growth continued throughout the year and we ended up with a VERY profitable Q4, only to obliterate this in early 2022!

This wouldn’t be possible without our clients’ full cooperation, their dedication to their brand, without our transparent reporting that shaped our joint decisions and the advanced marketing strategies that survived the biggest paradigm shift in digital marketing in recent years.

If you have a clothing/lifestyle brand, let this be a sign that even very niched products can find the right audience with the right marketing strategy and a healthy collaboration between business owners and a capable ad agency.