🚀 Digital Rocket Strategic Account Plan

Unsure if your marketing channels are performing as well as they could be? 

Should your website convert better?  

Sounds like you’re overdue for a marketing checkup! 👨‍⚕️


Our team of experts will go through an extensive list of possible issues and identify growth opportunities, diagnosing any problems that have to be resolved.

We guarantee that our easy-to-implement report will help you improve your results and grow your business.

– Or we will refund your money.

The segments our team will analyze can be combined any way you like and they include:


  • Website Profit Optimization
  • Tracking & Analytics Setup
  • Full Meta Account Analysis
  • Full Google Account Analysis
  • Full TikTok Account Analysis
  • Email Marketing & Setup Analysis
  • SMS Marketing & Setup Analysis

Price: $50 per segment; $250 for all segments.

A Digital Rocket Strategic Account Plan (SAP) is a value-packed document full of actionable insights based on in-depth data analysis, amplified by our team’s experience after spending $60,000,000+ on paid ads!

We will audit the historical data you have on all channels you share access with our team and will identify the biggest opportunities to improve.

Then, we’ll set up a call and walk you through our findings so you can get maximum value out of it.

Apart from covering Meta, Google, TikTok, Email, and SMS performance, our Conversion Rate Optimization expert will take a look at your website, suggest how you can improve the conversion rates, and plug potential profit leaks.

👀 See The Impact of SAP

Below are examples of how our Strategic Account Plan + implementation helped some of our clients.

Meta + Google

Within a month, after delivering the SAP to the client, our team managed to optimize Meta & Google accounts, set up the core prospecting & remarketing structure, and started testing aggressively.

Over the next 2 months, we took the revenue up by a whopping 99%!


After completing the analysis and once we upgraded the offers, improved subject lines, and developed new user segments,

this client saw a dramatic rise in the open rates from an average of 35% to a staggering 65%!


£200,000+ in profitable ad spend is very possible with the right strategic approach, even with niched down services!


$1,000,443.29 in Google Ads revenue in a year.

And it all started with a Strategic Account Plan…


The CTR doubled from 1.7% to 3.5% on average, while the open rate increased by 10%. Our email campaigns alone generated €15,334 in a week

– a monthly earnings level for the company prior to our engagement.

Conversion Rate Optimization

After implementing strategic conversion rate optimization edits, this store saw a 11% bump in conversion rates

– right before the season started for our client!

And here is what people have said about our audits:

✅ Guarantees

  • Moneyback Guarantee – If we don’t provide you with valuable insights, we will refund you.
  • You Own the Data – any advice you get in an audit is yours to keep – you can implement it yourself or with our help, your choice!
  • Honest, No-BS Feedback – Our goal here isn’t to dump a ton of data at you and leave you to struggle with it. We will interpret what we find in an easy-to-understand manner and provide actionable feedback so your business can benefit from this audit.

👉 Get Started

You can share View access to your ad account(s) and website on this link.

Once you confirm what segments you’d like our team to analyze and share the accesses, we will get back to you with your audit within 2-5 business days (depending on the demand at the moment) to schedule a call.

$50 –  1 segment of choice

$100 – 2 segments of choice

$150 – 3 segments of choice

$200 – 4 segments of choice

$250 – All segments

🏷️ Special Offer

If you decide you want to start working with Digital Rocket within 21 days after you review our findings, the amount you paid for your audit will be deductedfrom any plan you choose!


Why? We will use the data we gather here to jumpstart our collaboration and will need less time to get started working on your accounts!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact [email protected] or [email protected].