How We Profitably Spent £200,000+ In Tax Refund Niche


We were first introduced to this client back in 2021, back then the client only used to run paid ads during a certain period of a year, from February to June. The goal here was to acquire leads under 40 pounds. Our target audience was 55+ and on top of that we were only running ads in UK so we were already limited when it comes to scalability.

Getting Money Back to the People

Our client helps individuals reclaim overpaid income tax. They are geographically and demographically limited, so we had to get creative when it came to scaling.

The Challenge

In 2022, we decided to try & make our ads work all around the year. Starting in March, we had great success with our initial results where we spent around £16,000 in 2 weeks while hiting the desired cost per lead. In April we managed to double that in both ad spend and number of leads, so we kept scaling month over month.

The biggest challenge we faced was in Q4 where we had to compete against other advertisers running promotional ads.

Unlike the service we’re advertising, during this period, we had to decrease our ad spend by almost 50% but we still managed to maintain the target CPL.

At the beginning of 2023, in January, we managed to scale the account back up to £30K we were spending before and since then we kept improving.

How did we manage this? A LOT of creative testing paired with our core campaign structure, a new angle we though of together on one of our calls, and a very intricate tracking setup.

The Result

The biggest win was maintaining a steady flow of new leads over the whole year whereas before the client was only able to maintain their business for a few months each year. This was a huge success, both for us as an agency, and for the client! 

If you have a business relying on leads that’s niched down, not profitable throughout the year, or simply not scalable – you should speak to our team.

We worked with many, many lead gen businesses, and managed to close leads ranging from $100 in value up to $111,000 (in a single lead!), and we may just be able to help you, too!