Job Description

Digital Rocket is a marketing agency dominantly located in the Balkans, combining the ingenuity of the Balkan people & the ability to offer world-class service to international clients.

We pride ourselves on the quality of work we do, and we want to give our clients the opportunity to work with the best, brightest minds from our region.

Our ability to adapt fastlearn new skills, and improve makes us as competitive in the global advertising market. 

Why Digital Rocket

Education: Besides having a big team to learn from, we also have a vast pool of resources from courses to our IP to a network of partner agencies and contractors

Growth: Every single person in our team reports massive growth!
Many of our team members that now manage 6-figure ad spending have got their 1st clients with us.

Clients: Bored of working on small, unexciting clients? Our training system will help you achieve things you previously thought impossible! 

If you have these abilities and values, read on:

Experienced Email and SMS marketing specialist who can think outside the box, continuously improve and develop & is a team player

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Identify, build, execute, optimize and measure both email campaigns and email automation flows including copy, creative, send strategy and list/persona targeting 
  • Build, execute, optimize and measure both SMS campaigns and SMS automation journeys including copy, send strategy and list/persona targeting 
  • Build audiences and customer segmentation, deliver deep insights through data analysis and behavioral retargeting, and track email list quality and health
  • Develop high-impact A/B testing (layout, format, frequency, and copy) to improve email performance and continually improve performance
  • Design and implement direct email marketing campaigns
  • Proofread emails for clarity, grammar, and spelling
  • Ensure mobile-friendly email templates
  • Collaborate with teams within and outside the marketing department to deliver valuable content.
  • Maintain a healthy communication content schedule that is both engaging and effective
  • Ensure prompt and accurate communication with clients via email to minimize unsubscribes
  • Analyze campaign performance and suggest improvements
  • Report on KPIs from email marketing campaigns
  • Ensure emails follow industry policies and best practices


  • 2+ years experience in a data-driven, email communications role
  • Experienced with email service providers & SMS platforms
  • Strong interest in modern marketing technology trends and techniques
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Incredible written & spoken English. Since this role requires daily communication with international clients and their teams, high-level English skills are essential.
  • This is a work-from-home role, with semi-flexible work hours. You need to be online and reachable to the team from 10 am to 2 pm Belgrade time from Monday to Friday. This is when our entire team is online and when we have team calls, discuss tasks, and goals and provide feedback.
  • The remaining 4 hours/day can be spent on tasks whenever you like, the only exception being an occasional client call.
  • All of the work is logged into Hubstaff. Time tracking + screenshots are non-negotiable.
  • The ability to learn fast & in continuity. The world of digital marketing is a fast-changing one, so even if you have experience, this won’t be enough to stay competitive. You have to be ready to take in new knowledge and share it with colleagues.
    • Bonus: 
      • Basic HTML & CSS skills, 
      • Write newsletters including all company updates
      • Upgrade our email templates using graphics, personalization, and advanced features


  • Ability to work from home;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Team-building activities;
  • Training
  • Learning & development opportunities

If you feel you qualify for the position of Email & SMS marketing specialist, send us your CV in English. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

This is an incredible opportunity to work side-by-side with expert marketers and creatives, learn invaluable digital marketing skills, make a real impact on people’s businesses around the world, and of course, advance both personally and professionally.

Good luck,

The Digital Rocket team