Profitable Scaling Pre- & Post-iOS14.5


This men’s jewelry brand had solid results on Meta when we first started working with them. They did not expect things to take off as they did! However, in April 2021, iOS14.5 dropped and changed the marketing landscape… It didn’t take us long to continue scaling despite this!

The Story

In 2021, our client needed help with their Facebook ads (now called Meta ads) and needed a trusted partner to take this off his hands. He did well by himself (great job, Sam!), but it became too time-consuming, and scaling the ad spend was tough.

Within a month, our team managed to optimize the account, set up the core prospecting & remarketing structure, and start testing.

Over the next 2 months, we took the revenue up by a whopping 99%!

The Big Shift In Digital Marketing Strikes

n Q2 of 2021, a disaster struck the advertising world – the dreaded iOS14.5 update was introduced. We took a blow to performance, as many other advertisers have… Both ad platforms and advertisers struggled – many businesses had to cut their ad spend to $0.

However, by using intricate UTM parameters, Google Analytics, Shopify data, & MER as our main metric, we managed to keep the account afloat.

When we perfected this setup – the revenue went up again!

Why They Chose Digital Rocket

The client met Ivan in a Facebook group, where he asked for help and Ivan replied.

They saw the potential in partnering with an agency with its own Meta, Google Ads, and Creative teams. This meant that the client didn’t have to waste time on this and could instead focus on improving their website, product, and offer.

How We Responded

The change in account management was very smooth and happened within a day. Our team took over, worked our magic, and by the end of the month, we already outperformed the previously active campaigns. Then, it was time to scale!

The Result

How did we manage to scale the ad spend profitably? Simple account structure, engaging ads with a good content creator, Meta + Google combo, and good offer. 99% higher revenue in a quarter. Nice.

If your product is a low-priced impulse buy, you still can scale profitably! And don’t let iOS14.5 or any other privacy update discourage you. With the right partner agency that will fit right into your existing business structure, you may see SIGNIFICANT results in a mere quarter.