By Samii Ryan Case Study

Introduction and strategy

Female Clothing Brand Startup 

  • A small website issue kept this brand from scaling – FOR YEARS

As with many clients, this business changed 3 agencies that year for lack of performance.
They were running campaigns with sporadic results, a few sales here and there but nothing scalable.
The weird part was that their Wholesale results and retailers reported high sales and big retention rates.
Something was wrong, things didn’t add up. 

We started off by launching our Website Clarity & Data collection systems

And started launching the first tests to collect data.
After a month one of our software indicated an issue between adding to the cart and initiating checkout.
Monitoring the issue we noticed there has never been more than 1 sale per purchase.
Sure enough, when we tested adding more products to the cart the cart emptied itself and your progress got lost.

The moment this problem has been solved and some cosmetic and speed updates have been done the sales lifted off.Since then we had multiple startups in the clothing industry with the same cart issue.

This case study is a perfect example of why you need to have tracking systems on your website and collect as much data as you possibly can. You never know which piece of data can cause your business to lift off! 

Our success

Scaled the account from $5K a month on Shopify to $15K in just two months – 300% increase