Organic Kosher Meat took over multiple platforms! "It will never sell on Facebook." - were the words of a guru

Grow and Behold

A premium kosher meat delivery

business in the US.

The target: Acquire new customers under $100

Using influencers, articles & multi-platform advertising approach to generate multiple millions in revenue

Here is how:

Leveraging their customer base, we launched the ads on Meta & expanded Google Ads coverage further.

The next step was building authority with articles and featured content.

Which was further improving brand retention & recognition.

Trust and rapport were conceived by making genuine, honest, and heartwarming content.

It helped people connect with the brand for what it is, a family business. 

Partnering with influencers and articles, we showed the superior quality of their products and started overtaking the market. 

The rocketship system helped them increase their growth by 300%! 

With all of these elements in place, people readily gave the brand a chance, but because of the great results and regular promotions around Jewish holidays, they kept returning for more and more!